Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jars - What's Inside?

 I recently had the desire to create a series of lidded jars.  I think the lidded jar always grabs the attention and curiosity of the viewer as the lid is always the first thing removed.

What could possibly be hiding inside?

All are porcelain and fired to Cone 6.

Gun Metal Metallic Glaze.
 Something new in my glazing is the metallic glaze on pots as I have only used it on pendants in the past.
The glaze contains no lead and is food safe.

Place Settings

Inspired by my favorite production pottery-Heath and my wanting to to try and produce several new place settings of dinnerware I sat down at the wheel and glaze table and these are the results.  All are porcelian and fire to Cone 6.  Plates are 10.5" in Diameter.

These are my preferred color combinations but all the place settings are intended to be mixed and matched.