Friday, December 21, 2012

100 Cup Journey

74 cups to go! 

It might sound like a lot of cups and it might even sound like a chore,  but I really am enjoying myself. 

I opened my baby kiln today and unloaded my latest batch of cups.  These are all English Porcelain fired to Cone  6 in Oxidation.  All the stamps are created by me and made by me that are used on the exterior of the cups to create the various textures.

I believe I am improving my skill level with each batch of cups.  There are so many steps in the making of one of these cups and all need to be done in rather quick succession before the clay dries too much. 

Let me list the steps:
1) Throw on the pottery wheel the basic cup form
2) Stamp exterior of mug (At this point I have already made 5-6 new stamps for this batch of work).
3) Trim bottom of cup form
4) Extrude or Pull handle
5) Add any slip trailing detail
6) Apply Under glaze
7) Bisque Fire to Cone 05
8) Glaze
9) Glaze Fire and done.

A few of my new cups - I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.