Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love The Bowls!

I produced several different style of bowls in my
last batch of work, both hand built and thrown.
Some with unique added surface treatments.

Love Bowl: 8"x 4.5", wheel thrown, cone 6
with Cherry Blossom glaze. Hand stamped
words wrap the upper rim. Words include:
Love, Peace, Joy, Pottery

Brocaded Square Bowl: Hand built, Cone 6
with interior of multiple glazes poured in
randomly. Outside surface has a hand
stamped brocade texture. Rim is uneven and
varies in height.

Set of 4 Bowls (only 2 shown): Metallic black mat
interior with combination of glazes on exterior
to replicate wood fired finish. Cone 6 in electric

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tea Cups & New Glazes!

I have a love for Japanese craft and
especially their ceramics. Below is a small study
of new glazes using my small Japanese inspired

All cups are about 2.5"H x 2.25 Diameter, Wheel thrown
with stamped flower design. Cone 6. Electric Kiln.
These two cups were glazed by dipping using two
different glazes which gives a warm earthen wood
fired appearance.

Red Tea Cups, High Gloss Red. I have been
working on a red of this quality for over a

Blue Green Tea Cups. Glaze broke brown on
the interior surfaces?

Copper Patina Glaze. Very Art's N Crafts
inspired and exactly what I was hoping for.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

HOT to Fire

Heat Index has been up to 110 degrees this week in the Ozarks and I decided to fire my kiln!
My studio interior temperature neared 100 degrees as the kiln reached Cone 6.
Below are just a couple of pieces from the firing, but watch over the next few days as I post more images.
I am excited about my glazing! I am finally getting a couple of things I like zeroed in that I will be using more consistently going forward.

Set of 4 Bowls (Two Pictured), 6"x 2.5", Wheel Thrown with multiple glazes.

The Twins, Wheel Thrown and cut in half and altered with stamped brocade texture added to interior walls. The exterior of this piece uses a combination of two glazes that I have discovered gives a wood fired appearance! I am excited about this combination.