Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chinese Character Vases

I picked up some very small Chinese wood type blocks on an EBay auction and I have been looking for away to use them. They are so small (1/8 x 1/8) that when used as a clay stamp they become nearly impossible to read. Since I don't know Chinese and they are so small I decided to use them only as a decorative texture. Here are my results from yesterdays work in the studio.

Fish Mugs

8 Fish Mugs made Saturday. These are 4.25" in height, 3.25" in diameter, extruded handle with handmade custom fish stamp. Earthenware.
I made a pair of mugs like this for my last kiln fire but the glaze I choose for the outside decided to run and pool around the foot ring. I liked the overall result, so I'm trying again.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Take On Handbuilt Brocade Bowls

I am still very interested in adding these delicate textures to surfaces and this week I have been exploring a 1/2 and 1/2 idea. Half the bowl or plate is stamped with the texture leaving the other half smooth and clean in contrast. I think this takes the idea into a more contemporary feel which I'm liking.

I also made two new rounded square plaster molds to experiment with. This is an image of a small bowl and a 8" square plate using the molds. Both these pieces are using a new brocade design and the 1/2 and 1/2 design concept.

Pictured is a square bowl with steep sides. Each side has been embossed with a Brocade relief. This container was hand built and has an archaeological feel about it. The red clay green ware body helps give this vintage feel.
My green ware shelves are full so as soon as my new pieces are fully dried it's time to fire the kiln and mix glaze. I have found several new glaze reciepes I want to try.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hot Syrup!

There is nothing better than hot syrup on pancakes or waffles. This little pitcher is inspired from a piece my wife has and uses to heat syrup in the microwave. It measures about 3.5" tall and the opening at the top is about 2" in diameter. A well formed spout and handle complete the piece.

These were just made and are shown as greenware. I have never made a piece with a spout before and I was somewhat please at how these turned out.

I created a paper template to rough out the spout from a rolled out slab. I then draped it over a piece of cardboard that was folded like a tent. They were allowed to dry almost leather hard allowing me to attach them to the thrown body. Once attached I cut away the body that intersected the spout.