Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Large Raku Bowls

I have been busy learning the "art" of Raku.  One of the forms I enjoy making are bowls that are large, around 15". These large bowls are the largest diameter pot I can fit in my Raku kiln and I have been told that these thin large bowls can be some of the most difficult to nurse through the firing process without thermal shock causing them to crack or worse.  I've had few of those broken ones but also have had more success's than failures.  These bowls have been a good seller for me in the Local Color Gallery in Joplin were I show my work.

Here are a few examples.

Above is a shot of my Raku kiln during firing.  It's heated with propane and takes about 45min.  These large bowls fill the entire kiln so they must be fired individually.

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