Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reached 100 Cup Mark!

I challenged myself a few months ago to make 100 cups and I'm happy that I reached my goal last month. 

I learned a lot about cup making, especially about how important volume and form is.

Perhaps the most important result of this challenge was that I taught myself how to pull handles instead of extruding them.  I had thought that I couldn't pull a handle without someone really teaching me, but I DID IT.

I worked in both porcelain and stoneware.  The brighter colored cups are English Porcelain with Celedon Glazes and underglaze accents.

All the cups are stamped with repeating textures.  The texture was created by using stamps that I made from clay.  Each impression is individually stamped.  If you look closely you can see my finger impressions on the inside of the cup wall were I backed up and supported the clay while stamped.  The result of this method adds a secondary unexpected texture to the inside of the cups.

I think I came along way and it was really worth it.  Here are a few highlights.

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