Friday, April 4, 2014

BLOG Relaunch - Really!

What's A Relaunch?

A BLOG Refresh With A Commitment 

Someone recently asked me if I was a professional potter and after wanting to say no I found myself saying, yes I am.  You see, I have been telling everyone it's just a serious hobby, but when I told them how many custom orders I have and that I am selling all over the world online I had a bit of a realization that it's true - I am a professional potter.

As a professional potter I have realized the importance of an online regular presence.  I have been doing this with Facebook and Pintrest and have meet so many new people - some even like the work I share enough they have purchased or even ordered custom ware.  It has been really rewarding, but I have neglected my blog and my fans here.  My blog is we're I really can share and I am newly committed to be here on a weekly basis sharing new work, commission and gallery news.

In recognition of my newly found professional status I felt it important to have some new professional photography done for use on line and new print pieces I have planned.  I asked photographer Jeffery Sweet to come out to the studio from Springfield and do his thing - he specializes in portraits.

Please start watching for my weekly posts and send me ideas for future posts.

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