Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Island Gallery

It was toward the end of last year a customer visited the Local Color Gallery in Joplin where I show my work and purchased several pieces.  As it turns out, she was the owner of the Island Gallery on Bainbridge Island in Washington State.

She had like my work and wanted to know if I would be interested in having her represent my work in her Gallery.   I was so flattered.  I thought about if for a minute or two and said yes!  She wanted some dinnerware to start that she had seen here at my local gallery. The dinnerware would be for a seasonal event they were having.  I shipped off 4 place settings like the ones below in the annoucement.

Since that first shipment I have shipped a second round of dinnerware like the first with some color differences and simpler design details (pictured directly above).  They are also currently trying some of my new rustic Moroccan mugs.

Please check out the Island Gallery on the web and their online store!

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